Our services

The service is customized online to the needs of each client / company, with permanent access
to information and recurring meetings to analyze results and implement strategies for
improvement and growth.

I am a specialist in the construction industry with 17 years of experience in accounting, profitability, taxes, cost management and budgeting.

Construction Bookkeeping

Accounting is part of the business process; registering financial transactions allows you to know how the business is going and to keep the accounting accounts up to date for the presentation of taxes.

For carpenters, contractors, floor installers, plumbers, painters, the transactions originate according to each project, taking care of the costs and the budget.

– Our accounting services include:
  1. Accounts payable
  2. Accounts receivable
  3. Bank reconciliations
  4. Financial statements
  5. Payroll
  6. Financial analysis.

Corporation Setup

The importance of the structure or business entity in the United States lies mainly in the tax aspect, the tax law allows the inclusion of costs and expenses directly related to the business.

There are several business structures in the United States, the election of each of them determines the taxes payable, the personal responsibility of the owner or owners, the number of reports to be submitted each year, the administrative costs, the future needs of the company.

At SR Accountant Services , we help you create the right company for you; in our services we include the EIN number (employer identification number).

Taxpayer identification number (Tax ID)

A tax identification number is a nine-digit number used as a tracking number by the US Internal Revenue Service. (IRS) and is information required to:

  1. Submit a tax return
  2. Get properties and be in the real estate business
  3. Start a serious relationship with a banking institution (establish credit, open an account)
  4. Establish a company


Income Tax

Preparing taxes is a complicated task for most people. Using the services of a Tax Preparer guarantees the proper registration of all forms of income, as well as the benefit of all deductions and credits allowed by law.

At SR Accountant Services, we have the experience you need to help you present your returns, noting that the reimbursement is 100% from the client, since our professional fees are flat rate for all cases.

Corporate Tax

According to the business structure the tax returns are different; We have tax experience for all structures in the State of Florida.

Let us help you make the statement in the correct way in the times required by law.

Other Services

  • Financial, accounting and tax consulting in general
  • Profitability models
  • Business Plans
  • Industry benchmarks (Benchmarking)
  • Budget